Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rules & Regulations

(Obviously, these MUST be followed)

1) We currently play Ghosts as a clan together, however some of our members still enjoy playing MW3 and BOII, If you want to join you will NEED to play Ghosts, but if you wish to play the other games, just shoot a clan member a message, set up a time and play!

2)Any person joining (or re-joining) PlatinumWolves shall undergo a thirty (30) day review period, during which he/she may be removed from PlatinumWolves for any reason without the option to appeal his/her removal. (As of 11/22/2013)

3) We are a team, that's the point of a clan - ALWAYS be respectful of the other clan members at all times, and work together to achieve maximum success. Also, there is a reason it is called a clan, it's not easy just jumping in and mingling with everyone, so make sure to talk to everyone, get a feel for who you can work well with. There is a roster attached to this poster, friend Every single member, and get to know your team, it is required to play together, and to participate in clan wars.

3.25) Be Respectful to EVERYONE. It's okay to be a great team and clan, but a snotty and disrespectful clan is only seen as a bunch of dickwaffles, so don't be a dickwaffle, play clean and fair with other people and don't insult others.
We are all expected to treat other members with the highest respect and to carry Honor of the clan wherever you go. 
  • You will be kind, courteous, helpful and supportive of all members.
  • You will be respectful to any person that visits any PlatinumWolves game channels who is not on our official enemy list. Treat them as guest and potential new member. Be welcoming.
  • Unacceptable behavior includes but not limited to, name calling, ridiculing, threatening, destructive public humiliation not of a joking or friendly manner toward any member of PlatinumWolves or any associated alliances.
  • Defamation, libel and slander are unacceptable. This includes any false or unsubstantial public accusations of conspiracy, corruption or abuse of power.
  • No sexual advances, or harassment towards a minor under 18. No sexual harassment, discussion of sexual acts or pornographic material regardless of age (No penis/breasts/sexual innuendo whatsoever on current Black Ops emblems (I or II) lets be grown ups here).
  • You may lose privileges, ranks, titles, medals, status, access, and respect or even worse be kicked from the clan if you are caught and charged with any offense or for ANY rule breaking.

3.5) If another player is trash talking or pissing you off and They start it then by all means, maturely handle the situation. Either mute them, make a non derogatory smart remark that they can't come back from, or simply leave that lobby, along with marking that players reputation.

3.75) If a clan is trash talking / being a bunch of dickwaffles, then don't give in to them and start trash talking back.. because there is no better way to piss someone off, than to beat them at their own game. So if another clan starts handing it to you, then use your anger to fuel yourself that game winning kill, then, like the badasses we are, just leave that lobby and their hall of shame, and find a new game. 

4) The Clan Tag was going to be ANBU, however ANBU was already taken by another clan :(, so it was compensated with KuSo (read clan tag and title sections under the September tab above right of this whole site) Your clan tag MUST ALWAYS read KuSo if you are a member of PlatinumWolves under the ONE exception that you are playing Black Ops II, in which case it MUST read as ANBU (only because for some unknown reason, BOII won't allow the clan tag KuSo (see again September clan and title sections)). We are ANBU at heart and core, but KuSo will serve as an honorary replacement.

All members of PlatinumWolves must wear our tag, "KuSo" on all games that will accept it (MW3, Ghosts) and "ANBU" on games that will not accept KuSo (BOII), before their name on all accounts and characters used to play with other PlatinumWolves members and must use those accounts and characters whenever they are representing PlatinumWolves in any clan channel or server. 

  • Console members are not required to change their account name, however must provide KuSo or ANBU as clan tag when applicable.

5) Must accept friend requests and messages from other clan members and reply as soon as you are able. In order to do this you MUST friend ALL clan members so you know who is who. Know your team. There is a consistently updated roster of all current members below.

6) Check the COD Ghosts App at least every other day and participate to the best of your ability in challenges and competitions. We are about having fun, and learning as we go, but it doesn't hurt to win while we are at it ;)

7) When the clan is Enlisted in a competition or challenge you MUST participate to the best of your ability - It's about helping the clan to the best of your ability not winning every time.

8) Bookmark this poster, because it is updated frequently, with new and or updated rules, new clan members, new descriptions, and is a great place to remain informed.

9) You MUST be an active player - if you plan on becoming inactive for awhile (xbox live subscription running out ect.) let me know if you wish to remain a part of the clan, how long you will be absent and so on and so forth.

10) Any age may join, however if you act immature or break the rules, you will be kicked immediately

11) When you join, you MUST message me (PlatinumWolf93) telling me what games you play (MW3, BO2, Ghosts, or a combo of the three), what game modes you enjoy most/are best at, and you must tell me what console you play on (Xbox 360/One). This way, I can organize the clan in such a way that you will be formed into small teams, making you and the clan, much more efficient and effective.

12) If for any reason you plan on leaving the clan, please notify me (PlatinumWolf93) as to WHY you are leaving, and if it's an issue with the clanI will do my best to fix it, so that you don't need or want to leave anymore. Work with me to make the clan better, okays?

13) No Rage Quitters
14) No Dash boarders
15) No Members jumping in other members lobbies and killing them.
16) All members of this clan are required to get connected to our clans Google+ page, in order to stay up-to-date and this way we will have a much easier, faster and more reliable communication interface:

Cheating & Treason

Cheating, stealing, exploiting, illegal (trainers, mods, plug-ins, bots, hacking), online scams, creating false accounts (used to artificially boost, alter scores/status or join any PlatinumWolves territories), leaking private PlatinumWolves information, violation of a game EULA*/ToS**/CoC*** are prohibited. No Prestige hackers, boosters, and glitching.
Any clan member caught violating this section will be kicked and banned from the clan, and reported to respective authorities.

*EULA - End User License Agreement
**ToS - Terms of Service
***CoC - Code of Conduct

Point System

In order to maintain order, I have devised a point system to punish members who break clan rules. (Effective 11/22/2013)

Below is a breakdown of how the point system works.

1 - 6 = Warnings
7 - 13 = Probation for 1-2 weeks (Not allowed to participate in any major clan activities, other penalties based on severity of infractions)
14+ = Dishonorable Discharge (Kicked from clan, and banned from ever rejoining) 

• All Points remain active for 365 days of issuance
• Co-Leaders may issue Minimum points without Administrative approval but must report the points in a timely and professional manner.
• 7 points and Up can only be given by PlatinumWolf93 

Min -Mid = 6 - 10
Mid - Max = 11 -14

Min - Mid = 6 - 10
Mid - Max = 11 - 14

Clan Tags
Min - Mid = 2 - 5
Mid - Max = 6 - 10

Outside Association
Min - Mid = 3 - 6
Mid - Max = 7 - 10

Section Game Laws
Min - Mid = 1 - 6
Mid - Max = 7 - 14
Account Responsibility

Min - Mid = 5 - 7
Mid - Max = 8 - 14Respect
Min - Mid = 1 - 7
Mid - Max = 8 - 14

No one shall be allowed to commit to another clan unless that member is joining for a game not supported by PlatinumWolves and the clan is not on our hostile or enemy listing of diplomacy.
  • Member may not advance to an Co-Leader position in PlatinumWolves so long as they are a member of another approved clan.
Grandfather Clause: Members in another clan for a game we don't support will be allowed to remain members of that clan if we do start supporting that game in PlatinumWolves; so long as this clan is not on our hostile or enemy listing of diplomacy.

Account Responsibility
You are fully responsible for any and all actions on your accounts and on the gaming networks. Do not share your accounts. If someone gains access to your accounts and passwords and something occurs that could jeopardize the clan, your membership, titles, ranks or reputation, you will be held completely liable regardless of whoever was signed into your account at the time and consequences will be placed against you the account owner.

NO EXCEPTIONS. Protect your Passwords, share them with no one.

    If you cannot follow these simple rules, set in place for a fair, friendly clean playing, helpful and respectable clan, then please do not join, however if you can follow these rules, and are able to get along well with others in a respectable manner, then this is the clan for you.

    Once you are a part of PlatinumWolves, if you have friends who you work well with, and can follow the above "rules", then please invite them, the more the merrier, and the easier it will be to rank up.