Sunday, September 1, 2013

Recruitment Poster


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ANBU PlatinumWolves - About Who We Are!

We are a player friendly clan that is all about having a good, fun and relaxed time while working together to play some COD to the best of our abilities. We love having people join who have awesome K:D ratios, but having a certain K:D is not as important as being able to work together, and get along with your team mates. 

You don't need to be the best quick scoper in the world, able to pull off a jump/drop 360 degree  trickshot, or  the most hard core shot gunner, blasting the kneecaps and brains out of any who come too close. You don't need to "Bank" a shot every time you throw a tomahawk/combat axe/throwing knife, at a camper or sniper across the map with a backflip and waffles on the stove. Nor do you need to be able to slay 147 waves of the undead off your back porch while sipping a mocha latte and eating skittles relaxing in a rocking chair with radioactive sun rays giving you that fabulous green tan you have always been after.

You just need to join us and have a good time doing what you enjoy, playing COD. If you are among the greater players, then please join, be a team player, and teach the newer/less experienced guys what to do, why they need to do it, and improve their game, to help improve yours and the team's overall. If your K:D is 2.34, great sign on up and let's party the lobby up. How about 0.65? Come on in and lets work together to improve.

COD isn't just about being pro, it's about having fun shooting your friends (without actually killing them), shooting people you have never met (again without actually killing them) and of course, making them fall to their deaths, explode in assisted vehicular suicide, Getting melted in lava, or perhaps making them go "BOOM!" with a batch of some "good ol' fashioned homemade to perfection" cyclotrimethylenetrinitromine composition category 4.

PlatinumWolves is a clan for people willing to have a good time, without stressing. If you can handle having a 2.30 K:D without stressing every time a newbie gets you killed, or is unable to perform to the same level as you, or better yet if you can maintain that K:D while that newb is causing you trouble and still have a freakin' blast and good time, then by all means join up and teach that newb some tricks to get his feet wet.

As a side note, I am currently looking for respectable Co-Leaders for the clan, so if you think you are fit to be a leader, able to help train, knowledgeable of the game, level headed, able to answer clan mates questions, and so on and so forth, let me know! xD

These are our Emblems, Our Pride!!!
The PlatinumWolves have fought under these Emblems which as you can see, evolve over time (Awesome Sauce)



Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men.
-Miyamoto Musashi

ELITE Title:

Our MW3 ELITE Clan Title reads KuraixSokumen, with the "x" acting as a space. Kurai Sokumen is Japanese and literally translates to "Dark Side", which when reversed and shortened, is a play on words, and translates into Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (ANBU) (see CLAN TAG Section below for an explanation of meaning) It is required that you wear The PlatinumWolves ELITE Title when you play MW3.

ELITE Clan Tag:

We stand proud, and our clan tag would have read as such if not for it already being taken:

ANBU - Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai - Literally meaning Special Assassination and Tactical Squad. The ANBU usually work in teams formed to the requirements of the mission, ensuring maximum success.

However seeing as ANBU had already been taken as a clan tag by some other clan, we made a modification to the clan tag to read as KuSo instead, standing for the first two letters of Kurai Sokumen (which you can read more about above in the MW3 ELITE Title section)

NOTE: KuSo will NOT work in Black Ops II for unknown reasons as of yet, so in it's stead, please continue to use ANBU. In every other game (Ghosts, MW3) you are required to wear the clan's clan tag: KuSo.

If you are worried about tryouts, don't be. We don't hold tryouts as of right now :P but hurry up and apply because we will be soon >.<

So Join Now!!!

(Just Kidding, but seriously, Join NOW!!!)

A bit about me as the Clan Leader (Probably needs a little updating, but will suffice for now)

My GamerTag for xbox 360 and Xbox One (So you can tell me just how badly you want to join >.<) is PlatinumWolf93

Message me on Xbox Live for an invite or apply via the Ghosts Call Of Duty App.

Well that's it, if you made it this far then you must obviously be super interested, and want to join right? Well what are you waiting for? Join Today! (See the January tab above right for Rules (MUST READ). Sections pertaining to each game (MW3, BOII, & Ghosts), Diplomacy, and our clan Roster) can also be found under the January tab.