Sunday, January 5, 2014

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Section of the Clan:

PlatinumWolves is currently level 9 in Call Of Duty Ghosts (Yay hamburger patch >.<).

We were placed in the Silver Division in the first Clan War (Los Angeles) which took place from November 11th 2013 to December 2nd 2013. We took first place with 140CP (Capture Points), with the [HNTD] HauntedAssassins Clan in second place having a total of 56CP, and the [YGGR] (Yuh-Jig-Ger) Clan following closely in third place with 45CP. In fourth place was the [RAGE] Rage Of The Gods Clan with 41CP, fifth place went to the [FiS] FearitSelf Clan with 13CP and finally in sixth place was the [xRNS] xRNS Clan with 11CP.

In the second clan wars, we were placed in the Gold Division, though we were honored to be placed in such a high ranked tier, we were not yet ready for the honor of winning it. We placed 4th, due to lack of communication, and coordination. We have the ability to win, but without teamwork from the members, there is no clan. I hope that this loss will instill this lesson amongst our members, to make us better as a whole.

In the third clan wars, we were placed in the Bronze Division. I believe that due to our loss in the Gold Division, our clan was much more fired up for this one, as we easily dominated and took first place.

In the fourth clan war, we were once again placed in the Silver Division, and we are currently in fourth place, again due to lack of communication, and coordination. At the end of this war, I believe I will be letting some members go, for inactivity and blatant disregard of the rules. I hope this will, in the long run, lead to a better clan full of members who are willing and able to contribute to the betterment of the team.

UPDATE: The PlatinumWolves went from 28 members to 14, I let all players who were inactive, disregarding the clan rules, and who would not respond to requests to play and finally who would not participate in the clan war, go. Due to lack of participation we took fifth place in this clan war.

In the fifth clan war, The PlatinumWolves placed eighth, because no members were available to play, due to Real Life Events, I was at a Wedding and due to winter storms my internet was out (The Same storm affected several members) as for the other members, one lost their job and the others all had various other things to attend to. I expect a huge comeback in the next War.

Besides looking at clan details within the console of the game, the only way to view clan related things is through the call of duty app.Here are the links to this app for both Android and iOS:

Android: COD Ghosts Clan App
iOS: COD Ghosts Clan App
I am now accepting applications to PlatinumWolves via the Ghosts Clan App. To apply follow these steps:
1) Open your Ghosts clan app on your "smart" device
2) Sign in using your xbox credentials/COD credentials
3) Hit the button with 3 lines on the bottom left hand corner of the screen
4) Scroll to Find & Join clans (It is easier to find PlatinumWolves if you add me as a friend on xbox live first GT: PlatinumWolf93)
5) Find PlatinumWolves, and then click APPLY :D

In order to gain experience (XP) for the clan, clan members MUST play TOGETHER within multiplayer, (same lobbies, same game modes, the whole shebang), so make sure you check the Ghost's App Clan Roster (or see the roster below), and hook up with the other clan members. The more we play together, the faster we will level up.

Be sure to check our Facebook page (link is above and below) for upcoming events including Clan Wars and General Play Dates (Coming Soon)